Hempstead Hall Arts (HHArts) oversees the acquisition, commission, presence, placement, installation, and maintenance of art associated with Hempstead Hall and its surroundings.  The display of art enhances the beauty and overall quality of public spaces.  Art serves as a fundamental and energetic presence in the lives of students, college personnel, citizens, and visitors to Hempstead Hall.  The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope (UACCH) stands as a flagship community college in southwest Arkansas, with a reputation for excellence in education and personal attention to students.   Public art reflects UACCH’s leadership status and contributes to both the image and spirit of the community. 

The advocacy and selection of public art is an important, and often difficult, task.  HHArts is mindful that selections must address such issues as artistic quality, context, public receptivity, relevance, environment, durability, and cost.  HHArts accepts the responsibility to provide public art of the highest quality that is appropriate to both location and use.  

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