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Feb 28, 2020
Friday, Jan 21 - 10:47 PM

Friend Fridays - Frozen 2, Amy Hardin

Friend Friday

Today’s post comes from Amy Hardin, co-owner of Magic Shoppe Ears and Disney enthusiast. She’s getting us excited for Frozen 2 and reassuring us that it’s okay to be a Disney fan, even as an adult.

 For most of us, from 18 year old freshmen to tenured professors, our childhood holds some memory shaped by Disney. From films to family vacations, the brand is synonymous with the ‘typical’ American upbringing. So what is it about the newest wave of Disney films that has kept GenX and Millennials hooked far past childhood? Disney magic has seemed to sink it’s teeth further into us than into previous generations. We see viral articles attacking the childless millennial at Disney parks and it’s clear that Disney movie premiers are no longer only filled with screaming children, but with excited adults.

As someone who falls into both the role of ‘parent of a Disney kid’ and ‘Disney kid’ myself, it’s interesting to watch the slow progression to acceptance of Disney into adult culture. As a college kid, I gave a strong side eye to adult only Disney World trips but now take them. As soon as I let go of the notion that Disney was for kids, I was able to enjoy it as the escape it can be for so many adults. Some may have experienced fandom throughout their life and others are just learning what that term means. Either way, my 30-something friend group is now comprised of many who take adult only trips to Disney and were just as excited about the premier of Frozen 2 as their children. 

Frozen 2 is a great example of what keeps us coming back. Centering the story around strong women who are capable and loyal to each other makes us more than happy to let our kids watch this story over and over. Sticking a spoof of an 80s power ballad in the middle of it makes us want to sit down and enjoy it right next to them. I would expect Disney to continue the trend of strong lead characters who don’t have much of a love interest. Moana was as big of a hit as any of the traditional princesses without having to stop her mission to save her people to swoon over a man she met 5 minutes ago. The evolution of the Disney stories has let our generations evolve with the brand and without qualms, let our love for it blossom.

Disney also provides opportunity, the Disney College Program recruits around 12,000 college students annually to come work in their parks while still receiving some college credit at their home universities. For many, this experience solidifies a lifelong love for the company and leads to employment with them in the future. 

From employment to entertainment, the modern version of The Walt Disney company has got us hooked. 

Now excuse me, I have episodes of The Imagineering Story to watch on Disney+.

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Amy with husband Jon and adorable Disney fans in the making Grant and Bryce wearing ears from the Magic Shoppe Ears while visiting Disney World on a recent trip.  

Find Amy on Instagram, check out her shop on Etsy or take a listen to her on the podcast, The Pixie Chicks, which she hosts every Sunday and discusses ALL THINGS Disney.

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