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Mar 02, 2020
Friday, Jan 21 - 11:39 PM

Meet the Team Monday: Katherine Daniels

Meet the Team Monday

Every Monday for the next several weeks we will be showcasing the amazing team at Hempstead Hall. We want to know you better, so we thought we'd get the conversation started by sharing a little about us. Tune in each Monday to see a different team member's answers and get to know The Hall a little better.

Katherine E. Daniels, Technical Director of Hempstead Hall

Nicknames: I have many names. Also, I do not have a favorite – call me whatever! My names consist of Katie, Kat, Kate, KB, Katherine, or Greek Goddess… ;)

Family: My parents are Jack and Sunny Daniels, and I have 5 siblings, Emma, Jimmy, AJ, Charlotte, and Maggie. All of five of my siblings and me are appearing in "REHEARSAL: The Show" later this month. Y'all should check that out for sure.

Hobbies: Making music + Studying geography and European history/culture + speaking Norwegian (Norsk) + drinking All. Of. The. COFFEE.

Favorite place to go in Hempstead County: Downtown, Tailgaters, One|24, HeBrews 11:1, Hempstead Hall, and Klipsch Auditorium.

Favorite place to go in the region: Goodwill in Texarkana! I also enjoy going to Cinemark on occasion.

Favorite Quote: “It takes talent to write music, but it takes courage to write lyrics.” Johnny Mercer

Event you’re most looking forward to at the Hall: All of them, but especially The Glenn Miller Orchestra!

Describe your job in your own words: I make lights twinkle and move, subs rattle, projectors project, and working with the road managers. I also make the conference center shine for any meetings or events in the suites. I'm the projector and Power Point whiz.

Best part of working at UAHT: I have fantastic co-workers, we hold fun events, and have lots of great experiences for everyone of all ages! I love everything about working here!

One goal for our region: To grow, to develop a cultured society, and to learn to always be there for each other as a community should, which we’re already pretty great at!

Favorite musical artist: Just one??!? My favorites range from Frank Sinatra to Celine Dion to Earth, Wind & Fire to Whitney Houston to Johnny Mercer to Brian Mcknight to the Four Freshmen to Cece Winans to Led Zeppelin to Michael McDonald to John Coltrane to Glen Campbell to the Carpenters to Doris Day to Ricky Skaggs to Eva Cassidy… the list goes on and on.

Favorite movie: A few of my favorite movies are The Secret Scripture, 1917, Endeavour (UK TV series), the first three Indiana Jones movies, Gran Torino, I’ll See You in My Dreams (Doris Day), White Christmas, That Thing You Do, Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Austin Powers, and Bat-thumb, to name a few (you will hear me quote all of these movies). My primary favorite genres are period, war movies, action/adventure, comedy, and vintage musicals.

Who is your hero (real or super): There are a lot of people that I look up to, so this is a very hard question for me to answer. If the question was what celebrity do I most relate to, my answer would be Mr. Bean, but that’s not the question. There are two heroes that I will mention because they have been very motivational and encouraging to me throughout my entire career and life. The first is my dad. I toured with my dad, working beside and with him on the road, as well as on the farm I grew up on. He inspires me to be like him with the example he has shown in his work ethic, humbleness, strength – physically and mentally – and leadership. I could go on for days about how much I look up to him. The other person is also someone I toured with, Steve Hartley. Not everyone would know him if I mentioned his name, but those who have met him, will never forget him. He is kind, considerate, and humble. He is probably the best audio engineer on the planet, but you would never tell by having a conversation with him because he is humble and not self-seeking. These characteristics are ones I aspire to attain and that makes these two gentlemen my heroes!

People would be surprised that I: ... am an expert mortar mixer. #BackAbs I am also much stronger and older than I look. LOL! I also have random interests such as remodeling old houses, interior design, exploring abandoned buildings, studying geography, art, music, history, photography, and eating. I love to eat.

Find Kat on: Instagram: @the_katherine_d + Facebook: Katherine Daniels + Twitter: katieb_daniels + No snapchat. I lack the talent. Or catch up with her at work at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 870.722.8564.

Final thoughts: I’m just weird, y’all.

We don't think she's weird at all -- just very talented! We're so happy Kat is part of the team!


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